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Efficient & Cost-Effective Barcode Solutions

In the simplest terms Barcode Solutions can be described as a pattern containing numbers and a series of lines, printed on a product and uniquely identifying it. With its basic purpose of identifying a product, the usage of barcode brings a gamut of benefits like – Accurate tracking of inventory items, Effective management of stock, Elimination of human error encountered in data entry, etc. Due to its multifold usage barcodes have been implemented right from big industries to medium & small scale sectors.

Barcode Implementation accelerates and makes business processes accurate, reliable, error-proof and less manpower dependent. It finds usage in a multitude of business work areas, making the process easier and effective.

Barcode Solutions

Inventory Accuracy – Barcode scanning is faster and provides the most reliable data, hence definitely preferable than having to manually input the required inventory data.

Inventory Control – Once a barcode is scanned and added to the database, you can acquire valuable insight into the status of your inventory including shipping, receiving, and inventory quantities.

Reducing labor costs & Time – Employees at work can be trained very easily to use a barcode reader. By its usage employees avoid the wastage of time in figuring out individual items’ serial numbers and focus their energy on more important tasks. Eventually it improves your company productivity and saves company time and money.

Real-time shop floor data collection – Helps job tracking
through the manufacturing and production process and ensures on-time deliveries
& satisfied customers.

MTN Technologies, the leading Barcode Solution provider in Dubai offers the most trusted approach to tracking of assets, and security of your organization using Barcode printers and scanners. With a dedicated and highly focused work force at helm we offer services starting from conducting free-site surveys, requirement analysis, ROI illustrations to detailed Demo for complete understanding of the implementation. We support you all the way through hardware supply, solution implementation/integration to training and support.