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Attendance Management System

The Employee Attendance Management System is used to track how much time the workers spend working and how much time they spend off. It also lessens the use of paper, spreadsheets, or punching time cards, but with attendance software online.

Modules :

Biometric Attendance, Time-in and Time-out Recording, Late Monitoring, Over-time Recording, Leave Management, Working Day Monitoring, Attendance Reports, and Payroll Management.

The employee attendance management system’s goal is to assist administrators in keeping track of employees. This software is automated can save time and money for administrators. A solution like this also saves staff workload and boosts efficiency. An employee attendance monitoring system allows HR to observe who is clocked in and when they are timed out. You may rest assured that you are only paying your staff for the time they spend on the job. The employee attendance system provides a precise view of the company’s labor costs. It is a requirement of the HR department.

• Biometric Attendance: It assists in keeping track of employee schedules and accurately records employee entry and exit timings.
• Time-in and Time-out Recording: Timing in and out keeps track of how many hours an employee works each day and throughout the working days. The number of hours they work was also continuously checked during the working hours.
• Late Time-in Monitoring: This feature helps the admin monitor the late time-in of the employees using the Employee management System.
• Over-time Recording: This feature helps the admin track the overtime work done by the employees using the Employee management System.
• Leave Management: This is the feature where the employees’ leave can be managed by the admin and the employee will also be informed about their leave status.
• Working Day Monitoring: This will serve as the basis for checking holidays and working days.
• Attendance Reports: This will help in determining the number of working hours and days complied by the employee and will report to the admin about the performance of their employees.
• Payroll Management: This feature helps in securing all the results of every employees’ performance that will reflect to the salary that is right for them.