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Lebel Printing Software

Label printing software includes built-in tools to create, design, manage, and print labels for effective inventory management, sales and marketing, and shipping operations. These software applications are used to create labels, price tags, barcode label designs, RFID tags, and more. Some tools even let users create several label types using one design to save time.

Label printing tools work with your label printer and create files in PNG and PDF formats. It’s worth nothing that certain accounting, graphic designing, inventory management, and shipping management software solutions offer label design/printing as a feature.

Features of Label Printing Software :

Barcode/Label management

Create and manage unique product labels.

Batch printing

Upload data in an excel sheet and convert to pdf to print bulk labels.

Inventory labels

Design labels with barcodes and inventory numbers to organize and manage inventory.

Label designer

Choose a premade label template or create a label design using graphics, different font styles, and color patterns.

Product labels

Create unique product labels for branding and marketing.

QR code printing

Link QR codes from multiple databases to create, print, and manage QR codes.

Shipping labels

Print identification labels that describe package contents for shippers and recipients.

Barcode generation

Generate unique barcodes for specific products and track them.