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Inventory Management System

MTN Technologies offers Inventory management module that helps you keep track of all your inventory and assets. It supports barcode and RFID tracking and manages the inventory and stock levels in each site.
This online inventory management system is flexible and provides a user-friendly interface. The system is fully-integrated with the finance-account management and tracks the all the inventory sold or returned. The software helps to reduce the inventory holding cost in the long-term.

Inventory and Asset management
• Management of variants and models.
• Multiple units of measurement and automatic conversions.
• Substitutions products.
• Product properties.
• Possible automatic update of the cost price.
• Packaging management.
Basic Functions
• Provisions and treatment of stock exception.
• Integrated scheduler for purchases or indication of low-stock items
• Rapid detection of mistakes through double entry system of inventory management.
• Planning of requirements
• Creation of purchase orders
• Follow-up of the different delays.
• Possible interventions for manual corrections.
• Serial number management.
• 7 types of barcode supported
• Upstream/ downstream traceability.
• Control and follow-up of technicians.
• Efficient and centralized treatment of exceptions and provisions
• Possible cancellation.
• Support of negative stocks.
• Use of request system.
• Multi-warehouse.
• Multi-unit for purchase.
• Rapid zoom on linked form.
• Functions of ‘click and relate’ for easy navigation.
• Import / Export through Excel
• Forms and states simplified: all the information in only one screen.
• Integration with the general and analytic accounting.
• Integration with stocks control and tasks follow-up.
• Integration with the human resources module
• Native integration with reordering.
Total Flexibility
• All the screens are customizable (seizure, lists, states, search and such).
• Management of rights and user’s menu.
• Possible adaptation of all the resources of the enterprise.
• Direct access through Internet.
• Process configuration and possible alerts.
• Integrated request system.
• Extensible via numerous optional modules
• Personalized process